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The special Anti-Viral Copper Film from EWT can be easily applied on a wide range of surfaces to give them the centuries old goodness and anti-microbial properties of copper. Even the virus that causes COVID-19 is known to die much faster on a copper surface than any other metal or glass.


Surface Contact

Microbes recognize the copper ion on the copper surface as a nutrient and try to absorb it

Ions Activated

Copper ions penetrate the cell membrane, leaving it devoid of nutrients and water

Microbes Choked

Copper ions pull the active oxygen through the hole in the microbes’ cell membrane

Microbes Destroyed

The microbes’ respiratory & metabolic activities stop, which leads to rapid death

Lifespan of the Coronavirus (in Hours) on Different Surfaces

  • Copper (4)
  • Other Metals (48)
  • Wood (48)
  • PP Plastic (72)
  • Glass (96)
At 21oC to 24oC Temperatures and 40% Relative Humidity.
Source: New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet Microbe


Easy to Apply

EWT Copper Films are Easy to apply and easy to remove, and can be applied on a wide range of surfaces

Expert Service

EWT is an expert in Surface Film Lamination in the UAE with 10+ years’ experience with various types of films

Elegant & Trendy

EWT Copper Films exude a unique metallic elegance and trendy look when applied, capturing people’s attention  

Best Pricing

EWT always offer the best prices in the market for all products and services along with the best and fastest service!


The Anti-Viral Copper Film from EWT Technical Works is a special Copper Laminate that can be easily applied on a wide range of surfaces to give them the well known anti-microbial properties of copper. At a time of a global pandemic like Covid-19 which spreads primarily through contact with contaminated surfaces, it is vital that surfaces in public areas remain contagion free to prevent the spread of disease. Studies published in reputed medical journals like The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine have established that the Coronavirus dies up to 90% faster on Copper surfaces compared to Glass and other surfaces. This is due to the natural anti-microbial properties of copper.

As an expert in various types of lamination and film application techniques, EWT Technical Works is proud to bring the Copper Laminate Film to the United Arab Emirates. The Copper Film can be applied on a wide range of surfaces in public areas that are prone to contamination like hand rails, elevator buttons, shopping cart handles, door knobs, desks in schools, colleges and offices, restaurant tables and countertops, ATM machines, supermarket fridge handles, checkout counters, door bells, etc.

Further, being a semi-permanent application with high durability unlike plastic laminates, the Copper Film is harmless to the environment and is safe for all types of use.


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