EWT Smart Films provide clear view when you want it, Privacy when you need it – At the Press of a Button!


No more Curtains, No more Blinds!


Offers a modern, state of the art, ‘magical’ effect 


Fast, Expert Installation on any glass panel by East West


Up to 5 years warranty


Now expand your space with infinite possibilities from East West Smart Films. Office cabins, conference rooms and entire floors can now be either open to the world or be made private at the flick of a switch with East West Smart Glass Films 


Many hotels across the world are discovering ways to provide new and unique guest experiences by implementing smart glass solutions. East West Smart Films can be used in spaces like restaurant kitchens, lobbies, and in rooms and bathrooms.  


East West Smart Films will enhance your home with its modern appeal and many possibilities. It will provide a sense of expanded space when applied to windows and partition glass, all with the option of going private any moment. 

Healthcare & Hospitals

East West Smart Films, when applied to glass panels in emergency rooms and other hospital areas will offer patients the privacy and dignity they deserve while allowing staff and patient attenders to monitor their progress. All of this is done in a discrete way while eliminating curtains and blinds that breed bacteria and infections. East West Smart Films are very easy to clean and require little maintenance.   

Retail Showrooms & Malls

Open your retail space to the world with East West Smart Films. Shop windows and displays can easily be made open or private with the functionality and ease of smart glass.  

EWT switchable smart film is a unique product that lets you switch between clear and frosted effects on your window glass with just the press of a button. With East West smart film, you can control the opacity of any glass window or glass wall with the flick of a switch. This frees you from the use of blinds and curtains for privacy and solar control, while not compromising on large windows, outside views and natural light on demand, essentially opening up your space to infinite possibilities.

The magical on-off effect of EWT PDLC smart films also block out excess sunlight, making it suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.