Car Window Tinting Films

Car Window Tinting done at YOUR home at no extra cost!


Protect Car Upholstery


Lower Fuel consumption by way of efficient AC cooling


Starting at AED 800 Per Car


5 Years' Warranty


Maintain Privacy

EWT car window tinting films come with our promise of a superior product and convenient installation from any parking lot while you shop, relax at home, or work.

Although Dubai has some of the best cars in the world, one of the downsides of the car owning experience in this city is the extreme exposure to sunlight. The harsh sun can expose you, your passengers, and your car’s interior to harmful UV rays and heat during daytime. EWT car window films are available in different forms like clear, tinted, and reflective. Our high-quality window films can provide maximum protection while offering superior durability.

EWT offers different kinds of car tinting films to choose from. As standard equipment, we provide car tints with maximum heat control and UV ray protection. This ensures that the ambient temperature in the cabin is reduced, thus increasing the efficiency of your car AC, and lowering fuel consumption. While tinted and reflective automotive window films greatly enhance the look of your car, we also provide clear heat control films for those who want to stay protected while retaining their car’s original looks. For the best car window films in Dubai, along with the best service, contact us now!

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